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About Us

Integral Law Review (“the Journal” hereinafter) is a flagship law journal, of the Faculty of Law, Integral University, Lucknow. The Faculty of Law promotes a combination of regular classroom teaching and research and combined it provides us a singular approach towards understanding the field of law itself. Clinical Studies is not only a box we tick, but it’s also our core identity, practicality and research are always reflected in our approach, and to provide this more strength to this process and to promote intersectional scholarship in the field of law, the Faculty of Law, Integral University is established the Integral Law Review.

The Journal was established in January 2022, is an annual publication, and publishes its issue in October. The Journal aims to promote and encourage intersectional scholarship, in the field of law. The Journal is a platform for scholars to publish their research that can be made easily accessible to everyone to have an inside look into the world of socio-legal settings. The Journal also intends to impact the legal fraternity in a positive manner and to develop a community of research-oriented scholars who have a versatile approach towards the socio-legal issues and aspire to make use of this approach to make the fraternity more inclusive and adaptable. 

The Journal’s objectives include tackling and creating an understanding of today’s socio-legal issues through thorough research from our contributors, and providing our readers an understanding of intersectional issues where laws are the core of the argument. We provide this Journal as an open platform for the dissemination of knowledge and research for everyone, as we believe in equal opportunity for everyone.

Cite as: Author, 'Manuscript Title' (Year) Volume Int. L. Rev. Page Number

Next Call for Papers: April 2023

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